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  • Sawdust drying (dryer)


    Key words: sawdust drying equipment, sawdust drying equipment Product working principleSawdust dryer refers to the powder granular wet sawdust, the use of spiral conveyor will be continuously added to …


  • installation for drying machine


    Keyword:The superfine quartz powder drying field starch (sink) Quartz sand, garnet (abrasive) drying line Fluorite powder drying field Corn protein feed drying field Alumina calcine and cooling line


  • Granul…

    Granulating disc

    Keyword:Disc granulator granulation dish whole arc structure is used in Angle of granulating rate can reach more than 93%. Granulating disc is equipped with three discharging mouth, facilitate continuo…


  • site f…

    site for delivery roatry drum machine

    Keyword:ф2.2m20mEquipment delivery site ф1.8m16mThe dryer and flow delivery site Export packing equipment field


  • rotary…

    rotary drum drying machine

    Keyword:(a) structure:Tumble dryer by 1. The cylinder; 2. Before the roll ring; 3. After the roll ring; 4. The gear; 5. Stop roller; 6. Drag roller; 7. The pinion; 8. Discharging part; 9. Young board; …


  • Three cylinder dryer

    Three …

    Keyword:Three rotary drum dryer is based on single tube rotary dryer improvement of high efficiency and energy saving products. The companies, the application of multiple industries, has obtained the g…


  • 長石粉干燥(烘干)設備


    關鍵詞: 產品工作原理此類設備適用于烘干量大、烘干過程中不能出現污染的物料的烘干。根據客戶的投資成本控制和使用要求此類設備我們又分為多個類型:1、內火管式轉筒烘干機 2、熱風爐式轉筒烘干機 3、直燃煙氣爐轉筒…


  • Chemical products drying machine


    Keyword:Drum dryer drum is slightly tilted and rotary drum body, wet material from the upper end into the dry material in the lower part from the other end. Into the hot air from the feed end or discha…


  • 鋸末干燥(烘干機)


    關鍵詞:鋸末烘干設備,鋸末干燥設備,鋸末滾筒烘干機 產品工作原理 鋸末烘干機指把粉粒體狀濕鋸末,采用螺旋輸送機將其連續加入干燥管內進行干燥的設備。產品性能特點 鋸末烘干機:包括熱風爐、進料口、旋轉筒、過濾…


  • Rotary drum dryer


    Keyword:(a) structure:Tumble dryer by 1. The cylinder; 2. Before the roll ring; 3. After the roll ring; 4. The gear; 5. Stop roller; 6. Drag roller; 7. The pinion; 8. Discharging part; 9. Young board; …


Shandong Bao Yang Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. of Science and Technology is a professional enterprise of science and technology which specializes in researching,developing and marketing drying equipment. It is also the backbone of drying industry in China. Thanks to the support of our clients and the mutual efforts of all Bao Yang’s employees, Bao Yang brand has been popularized and won the public praise among the users.
 Over the years, the company keeps pace with the market development, meets the clients’ demands and bases on the practical experience of the company to develop and perfect our products. Following are our major products:BYM series of wood-dedicated Steam hot-blast stove;BYF series of furnace,High temperature flue gas furnace,gas furnace;BYML series of vertical Steam hot-blast stove; BYML series of Drying furnace;BYD series of veneer drying , complete set of equipment,Rotary drum dryers,Belt dryer,Electrical heating drying case, tunnel dryers and the related drying accessories. Now Bao Yang series of products sells well in more than twenty provinces, autonomous regions in China with the philosophy of achieving greater, faster, better and more economical results and receive high praise from the clients.
 Thank you for choosing Bao Yang series of drying equipment from the various products. The company will stick to the tenet of " Integrity - based, customers first" and develop according to the market demand. We will work as cautiously and conscientiously as before to make contribution for the full development of Chinese wood drying industry.

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Rotary drum dryer

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